Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reception for Janet Eskridge and the Golden Palette Society is Friday 7 PM

Free and open to the public. 
Plan on it!

Bill Colt's Formula for Beefy Art: Texture-Collage-Charcoal-Paint-Glaze

Bill Colt gave a well planned presentation full of handy and economical tips to go along with his steps in collage painting. We've also learned about some new art stores: Lowes and Home Depot.

Bill is known for his cows but he also does street scenes,
planes and vintage cars.

You know you're in for a great presentation from the start when Bill introduces his easel: a simple wood panel, the height of a door... a 2"x4" of the same width as the panel... and 2 C-clamps to hold the 2"x4" to the panel. Just lean it against a wall. It is perfect in many ways: simple, effective for heavy pressure and so cheap. Love it!

Bill's easel

Bill's art process begins with a regular canvas with WIDE sides. The width is needed to help support the heavy work. Joint compound is applied to the canvas then raw, cut-up canvas is scattered on the joint compound surface and more joint compound is applied over the canvas pieces. Allow to dry for at least a day. This creates texture beneath the painting.

Joint Compound Application to Wide-Edged Canvas

A collage made up of old magazine clippings are glued on top of the textured surface and covered with a gel medium or protective sealant found at hardware stores. When dry, the subject is drawn with thick charcoal over the clippings. Shadows are smudged in with a brush. Black paint is painted over the charcoal to prevent smudging during the painting process.

Bill loves the color Cerulean Blue, "so underrated," in his palette. Also, he advises "Big brushes!" He used acrylic paints for this demo. When asked if he used any medium with the paints, he shrugged and said, "Water." When the painting process is done and dry he applies Liquitex Soluvar over the work.

Bill painting "MAG-gie"

Bill recommends reading, Starving to Successful by Jason Horejs. Also Bill will be participating in the Monroe Art Walk 10/11-12. Go by and see the completed MAG-gie!

Thanks to Curtis Sloop, program chair, for arranging Bill's visit. And to Eric Casaburro for providing video-viewing on the screen.